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5th Conference on Strategic & Creative Marketing in Tourism

Travel Zoom

When we first got the invitation for the Travel Zoom conference this year and we saw that its title is ‘Become the icon’ it did not say anything to us. But after attending the first day of speeches, workshops and panel discussions it was clear – BECOME YOUR HERO OR ICON – we realized it said everything about strategic and creative marketing based on ‘storytelling’. We have already been aware of the importance of the ‘storytelling’ technique nowadays as one of the most important marketing tools especially when we speak about tourism.

Tourism is full of stories

We just have to discover our stories, write them and transform them into experiences. Easy to say, (not so) hard to do. When you have experts such as Damjan Obal (UX Crafter, hobby magician & chief storyteller, Edgar Slovenia) in front of you you have to create your story or as the workshop itself said ‘Find the story in you’. Of course we had to find the story in our companies or organizations we work for – travel agencies, hotel chains, tourist boards, tourist destinations…

Travel-zoom-conference-zagreb- storytelling-1

As we mentioned Istra Inspirit it was clear we already have stories. Stories made of myths, legends, history facts – retold in an innovative and creative way. Our hero is our Inspirit goat with its mantle that goes around and with its super powers sees Istria that anybody else sees – sees the underground world of Raša with its coal mine, sees the fishermen world in Rovinj, sees the witches in Svetvinčenat and the Romans in Medulin (Vizula). Our goat sees all the time periods and not only present. That’s its super power.

Travel-zoom-conference- zagreb-storytelling-3

So we solved the challenge at the first workshop and then continued the creative travel with other like-minded people we met at the conference.The following presentation was made by Andrej Pompe & Mateja Gruden (BrandBusinessSchool, Slovenia) who thaught us how to ‘Work different and play better’ on some examples of creating the innovative tourism products also based on stories – family, historical, local stories… Once again we realized we were on a right path. We are doing the right thing – we are translating stories into experiences. Neverthelless in the presentaion made by Andrej and Mateja we discovered so many interesting and useful details which we can implement to improve even more what we’re doing…. PuttingNew Image even more emphasis on some key elements (and taking advantage of them) that are trending in tourism nowadays such as nature (photo safari, forest selfness, api wellness, survival weekend, stargazing),  gastronomy (authentic and local), history & culture (experience of communism, etc.).

Somehow we realized some things that we already knew before but we were not aware of that – stories are important because they make us remember things better, we can find identifications with ourselves and we also like to share them with others… Beside that we all like heroes. Once again the emphasis is put on local stories – whether they are invented, adventorous, cultural, funny, history, family or fairytales… We are selling local and authentic experience.


Our afternoon was challenged with another interesting workshop in the marketing area called ‘Cultural Zoom Inspirit 1tourists: It’s 2015’s fastest growing market that everyone wants.’ by Ericka Clegg (Co-founder and Executive Creative Director, Spring, UK). Ericka was so dynamic and straight forward, she reminded us of everything we should have already known about marketing in culture and at the same time made us think of some new marketing tools that we didn’t know they existed. Beside that she made us think about tourist packages – so important for the destinations. Our case was a city called ‘Storyville’ known for a literature festival but with no good image and a lack of local people involved in the festival story. So our group invented many tools to improve the image of the festival and also put government on our side. We will not say everything here because something has to be left at the conference.

We just wanted to share with you a good vibe we had with people there in Zagreb and also say thanks to the organizers – Gorazd Cad and his team to make such an intense and interesting workshop conference specialized in the area we are dedicated to – marketing communications in tourism that we want to improve every day. 


You can find out more about the conference here.

Istra Inspirit storytelling


Last Sunday we headed to the Ronchi airport catching a flight to London. Although this was not my first time to visit this maginicent city which keeps some of my happiest memories, it was now a special experience travelling with my closest Istra Inspirit team members and dear colleagues. Our destination was one of the largest tourism fair in the world – the World Travel Market. We arrived in London in the evening and checked in a small hotel in Notting Hill. We were lucky enough to find the cutest little Persian restaurant ‘Sadaf’ just outside the hotel where we tried the best of Middle East cuisine. One of the best meals we had during our stay in London :) .

Istra Inspirit-WTM-17 Istra Inspirit -WTM-12

The visit to the fair was scheduled for the next morning. We had to get up quite early to get to Excel before 10 am because the place was in a completely different part of the city. We were already fascinated at the entrance – the impressive campaign of the Flanders region (the official partner of the fair) called  ‘Keep the history alive’ , designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the World War One (1914th-2014th) was the most memorable one. Young boys dressed up in clothes styled like the beginning of 20th century greeted us at the entrance offering daily newspaper with typical titles from the 1914. Also, during the fair, whole city of London was collecting symbolic donations, and was giving a small brooch formed like red flanders poppy flower. This was a symbol of remembrance for the soldiers killed during the war. It was a beautiful way to make the whole city blossom with this special red poppy symbol standing for an important anniversary.

Istra Inspirit -WTM-6 Istra Inspirit -WTM-11

We spent most of our visit to the fair at the Croatian Tourist Board stand where we had the opportunity to see and welcome the ssociates and partners of the project, and to present our offer for Morgan’s treasure to  some of the distinguished agency representatives. What we were also really impressed with, in addition to the high-quality presentations and educational workshops, was a number of performances with which some of the destinations represented themselves. They interactively included the visitors in their ‘story’. It was a great example we could learn from – Istra Inspirit could become a main asset our tourist board could use when presenting Croatia’s touristic offer and Croatia as a destination. This was a perfest example of how Istra Inspirit could become a destination point through ‘storytelling’.

Istra Inspirit -WTM-1

Istra Inspirit -WTM-3 Istra Inspirit -WTM-2 Istra Inspirit -WTM-5

The next day we had some free time for sightseeing and to visit some of my dearest places in London. Among other, we paid a visit to the famous department store Harrods where we were once again presented with the power and importance of design and visual elements in an offer presentation. We enjoyed the interactive conceptual cafe and bookstore National Geographic where the ideas for one of our new project (under the working title ‘Inspirit point’) were just pouring down. But, more about that in some other post. :)

Istra Inspirit -WTM-14 Istra Inspirit -WTM-16 Istra Inspirit -WTM-15


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