Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Walking on the island of Sveti Nikola from this summer is no longer the same, and credit goes to Istra Inspirit perfomances that every Sunday from june the 26th of June to August 28th are held on this charming little island near Poreč within the Poreč Open Air festival.

Large audience, mostly families with children, every Sunday at the main dock of the island welcomes sympathic professor Epolonius de Histri, which embodies actor from Pula Frano Novljan and who leads the audience through the entire program of walking performances. After meating the professor Epolonius who informs the visitors about the program of performances and teaches them about the myths and legends of Istria without  leaving the island, all together they join him in a walk to the first checkpoint, where they are greeted by the imaginative world of Jules Verne. On this point the children join the interactive performance and dive in the sea world with submarine Nautilus – the dive, learn about and become sea creatures.


One of the most interesting points is definitely a point with ‘fire babe (grannies)’ where is held an interactive performance that includes jumping above the fire, which is inspired by the tradition and customs of Saint Johan Night, when people are jumping above the fire. In this performance can enjoy both children and adults, who are recalling their childhood games. Through the fun game they are instructed to the next point, where they meet the terrible Orko.

Orko is ‘half man, half pig’ who charmed the audience with his song and they are  misleaded on the wrong way … But there is a sympathic professor who throughout the play takes care of his visitors and lead them to the right path and journey through the history of Istria and learning about the mythical creatures of Istria – Veli Joze and the dragon. On this point children love to take photo with this authentic Istrian beings, and soon after that they  visit the magical lighthouse – one of the most important on the eastern Adriatic coast in the rich history of this area. Visitors can enjoy a performance of the theater of shadows and fire burning on top of lighthouse along with romantic sounds of the accordion.



The final part of Istra Inspirit is performed in the courtyard of castle Pollesini where the audience can once again relax and enjoy the interesting sketch of Istrian cooks in an interactive way of making Istrian pasta that is called fuži and pljukanci with singing, dancing and entertaining. But to make the experience complete, visitors have the opportunity to meet Count Pollesini and his wife Isabella and dance with them Viennese waltz, as the whole event gets an extra romantic atmosphere.

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A treat for the end are pirates who with their incredible energy bring the children adventures of famous Captain Morgan and his gang. Robbery, dancing, sinking the ship and songs are what is needed to meet the pirate life.

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Fire show is an effective finale of this great show enjoyed by absolutely everyone. With the fire and dramatic music onto the scene comes glorious fire-breathing dragon that belches fire.


Myths, legends and stories that are used as inspiration for the show come from the books, which are a bit forgotten for expanding knowledge. Therefore, Professor Epolonius de Histri for the end reminds visitors what they need to do: read, read and read!

Art director: Petra B. Blašković

Photography: Manuel Paljuh

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