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What does it mean to be a part of the Istra Inspirit audiance?

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Do you know what an Inspirit experience looks like? Have you ever attended such a manifestation?

If your answer is ‘yes’, feel free to send us all your comments, evaluations, and suggestions to our e-mails under CONTACTS, but if your answer is ‘no’, the best I can do is to introduce you to those who have already experienced an Inspirit event and felt the need to speak and write about it.

Although we always conduct surveys and ask our guests if they are satisfied, we feel that one can never really get enough feedback. We need to grow, develop, adapt to our guests and their expectations, recognize our mistakes and offer new experiences. Some of our friends recognized that and wrote very detailed, exciting and emotional descriptions of their own experiences, and then shared with us some phrases which depict a perspective we so rarely have an opportunity to see, and it is the most important one – the one from the eye of a beholder!

What does it mean to be an audience of Istra Inspirit event? Reading the following impressions is one way for you to find out. And when you fall in love with this unusual events we offer, you will go the other way – come and enjoy it for yourself.:)

Mare the Witch (event in Svetvinčenat, in castel Grimani-Morosini)

With only a small audience (around 200), this wasn’t a play you watched, it was one you were part of. The action happened all around – and with – the audience: we were part of the show too. We got to know the local people and laugh with them at each other’s stupid ideas. At some points we also found ourselves coaxed and tricked into acting stupidly too – just proving how little human nature changes and how easily one can be influenced!

All-in-all, it was a marvellous evening, which we thoroughly enjoyed – as I told Morena when we met. “I’m so pleased,” she said, “a happy audience is the best PR, which we really need. This is only our second season and it’s hard breaking into the established holiday scen…

I commented on the quality of the performance – the actors were excellent and seemed to enjoy the evening as much as the audience.

The Miner’s Republic (event in Labin, Lamparna and mine Raša)

Accompanied by a guide, an older man and former miner, we entered the mine through what used to be the exit gate for wagons loaded with coal. It was pitch dark in the tunnels so our headlamps came to good use. We could see the remains of the electrical lines overhead but there were no railway tracks remaining. The guide explained that the underground tunnels run for over 400 kilometres on over 30 horizontal levels. Most of them are now underwater.

As we trudged through the dark tunnels, we came across a miner busy chipping away at the walls with a pickaxe. No, this wasn’t an unfortunate miner who got stuck in the mine after it closed in 1966 – this was the ‘theatre’ aspect of all of Istra Inspirit’s events. He rounded us up and told us to get to work, showing us how to distinguish between coal and stone.

Soon we were walking through the muck again and approaching a loud, booming voice speaking from a megaphone asking us to turn off our lamps. The voice belonged to a long-haired Che Guevara-type figure who narrated through his booming megaphone the story of the miners’ strike of 1921 which turned into an anti-fascist rebellion and the declaration of an independent ‘Republic of Labin’.

Though the mines in Labin and Raša are now defunct, the former underground world of the miners has not been forgotten. Initiatives like Istra Inspirit offer the opportunity to visit the mine and learn about this important aspect of local history. 

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