Saturday, May 8, 2021
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The first shows ”Jules Verne Junior” and ”Mythical Creatures of Istra” in 2015!!!


Primary school Stoja and kindergarten Topolino and Pinokio watched the first Jules Verne Junior show in Pazin in February and today children from kindergarten Veli Vrh Pula watched the first Mythical Creatures of Istria Inspirit show we held this year. Laughter and music touched a small purple building in Veli Vrh Pula today. The season of Istra InspiriTIĆ events has officialy been opened!

We wish to thank all the kindergarted teachers for the invitation and for all the help with the children! We are saving some fairydust for you:)


Mitska 1_Inspirit
Šandor as the ”Little boy” character


The show started with music and dance, and then ”Little boy” takes over the scene  and walks through Istria. After getting lost in the woods, he meets Orko (The Orc), and all the children know why this is not the best situation for someone lost in the woods.:)) They learned today the magic trick to find their way.



Mitska 2_Inspirit
”Little boy” meets the Orc – Orko Šporko!


Heading in the wrong direction again, Little boy arrives to Motovun:) The Giant Veli Jože helps him find his way! And all the children learn his song!


Mitska 3_Inspirit
Veli Jože in Motovun is giving directions to Pula


Finally on the right track – going to Pićan, and bumping into the sad Dragon. Why is he sad? Find out in our show Mythical creatures of Istria:) But do not worry, he is a good dragon, just searching for help. Would you like to comfort a dragon?:)


Mitska 4_Inspirit
Dragon from Pićan, our huge puppet:)


Fairy  who builds the amphetheater, lifting rocks while being so small and thin? Yep! The legends can suprise you:) How does she do it? Find our in our show!!


Mitska 5_Inspirit
No music – no fun!


In the end, we have an educational quiz! The children can help remembering things from the show!:)


Mitska 6_Inspirit


Toni had to take up a challenge for his group today:) Who will play with us next time?


Mitska 7_Inspirit
Toni has to go under Veli Jože’s legs! Good thing we have fairy dust :)



Contact us if you wish Mythical Creatures of Istria to come to your school or kinfergarten! Wish to play, learn and have fun? All in one! Istrian legends and stories revived!


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