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11 March 2015 Glas Istre, daily newspaper

Our PR and marketing manager talks about our plans for this summer


Istra Inspirit Glas Istre

…Our guests are delighted with the events. At first they don’t realy understand what we are offering but in the end they always say 27 euros is such a small price for what they are getting. We are overjoyed with these reacitons, it gives us a boost, because we believe we are doing something different, and this kind of projects are a huge challange…

…We encourage cooperation with as many municipalities as we can – those who wish to revive their own history in an interactive way, having the audience be the center of attention. They hire us to procure our know-how


Read more on the events and atractions in Pula and Istria on the pages of our daily newspapers Glas Istre:



Regional newspapers Glas Istre –  16.7.2013.

One of our favourite comments on Istra Inspirit events. Imagine the situation – we survived the first season, played each event three times, pulled it off every time quite successfully, wrote down all the criticism in our notebooks, absorbed all the knowledge like children on their first day of school and were ready to show we could get even better.  The best thing that can happen in that situation is – a great article in the newspapers on the most demanding Inspirit event.

Statements such as ”Interaction with the audience – score”, ”a step forward”, ”dramaturgical innovation”, ”excellent”, ”a nice touch-up and improvement” – are perfect for a tired, but still pumped, Inspirit organizer after a looong day doing field work. ;-) These things are our motivation for this year also!


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