Morgan and his crew revived the walls of the medieval town

Morgan and his crew revived the walls of the medieval town


Captain Henry Morgan and his cheerful pirate group last night succeeded again to seduce numerous foreign and local audience, mostly families with children, who had a chance to enjoy an interactive play “Morgan’s treasure“ which was directed by Petra B. Blašković. The audience was led by canon of Dvigrad, Denis Brižić, who is champion of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka, and had the opportunity to see the ruins of the town Dvigrad climbing up to the basilica, where the show was held. The inspiration for the event is a legend which says that it was precisely in the medieval Dvigrad where captain Henry Morgan, a treacherous pirate hid his treasure. To the cheerful pirate party full of music, dance and pirate melodies could be joined by guests themselves, and it is the interaction with the audience what makes the perfomances of Istra Inspirit specific. In the treasure hunt participated all visitors, but the treasure was gained by only one visitor with the correct map which led to the treasure, precisely the truffle products of the producer named Zigante. However, the show tells that the real treasure lies in ourselves and has a bigger value than the material (treasure).

Henry Morgan was embodied by Antonio Jakupčević, academic actor from Osijek, while his pirates successfully revived Dominik Karakašić,  Šandor Slacki, Frano Novljan, Elena Orlić, Petra B. Blašković, Dean Gotal and Samuel Augustiny. On the sound of the pirate song reminded us ‘pirates – musicians': Andrej Pezić, Samanta Stell, Anka Kovač Augustiny, Nataša Dragun and versatile Miroslav Cerovac, Sedina Cerovac and Kristijan Dellabernardina. Other roes that illustrate medieval atmosphere of the Dvigrad belong to Zoja Poropat, Jasna Petković and Denis Brižić who was using native chakavian dialect and managed to evoke the Middle Ages of Istria. For mask and makeup is credited Ivna Škoro, and for the authentic pirate costumes Kristina Nefat and Marina Štemberg.

Istra Inspirit musical managed again to revive the medieval Dvigrad and has demonstrated the quality of their performance. _DSC0732 _DSC0719 _DSC0711 _DSC0694 _DSC0671 _DSC0669 _DSC0667 _DSC0646 _DSC0643 _DSC0642 _DSC0611 _DSC0577

Photo: Nevio Doz – Udruga Format