Europa-park (Rust) – A study trip

Europa-park (Rust) – A study trip


At this time last year

The best way you can color the greyness of the autumn days is to laugh, have fun, hang out with friends and play. All this was a part of a study trip to Europa-park last year – one of the biggest and most famous european amusement parks. Why did we go? To get inspired for our own big, mega-fun theme park Inspirit Fantasy park, a project that is being created as we speak.

However, to get to this point, it was necessary to do a lot more. One of the activities in preparing for the park was this study trip to Europa-park. This high quality themed amusement park is one of the largest in Europe (right after Disneyland). Its themes are different countries in Europe and it counts over 100 attracitons and shows, 11 rollercoasters and 13 thematic units, which altogether attracts nearly five million visitors a year. The little town of Rust experinced a real renaissance, young people found good employment opportunity in various areas (finance, marketing, maintainance, acting, animation), and the local residents got the opportunity to sell their products and the possibility of filling their accomodation capacities. (Wouldn’t it be great if we could encourage the development of our Istrian peninsula in the same way?)

Apart from many adrenaline attractions and interesting performances, what amazes me in Europa-park is the care for details; taking care that the visitor feels perfect in every moment. How to achieve that?

Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_1
Blue fire attraction


Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_2
One of the underground attractions


We visited Europa-park in the winter and we were concerned that the cold might undermine the impression of the park. Great ideas were stopping this from happening. Everywhere around the park you could find a large trunk of wood in which the fire was burning, and around it guest gathered to talk about their experiences in the park (in some places you could cook your sausage on this fire, which also made a special atmosphere). But, honestly, it is the good company that guarantees good time! ;)

Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_3
Improvized fireplaces on every corner of Europa-park

Frozen cheeks and being able to see our breaths in the cold while laughing and talking, fitted perfectly with the Cristmas atmosphere, which defines the park – lights, decorated Christmas trees, artificial and real snow, different caracters and amusement park dolls created this European fairy tale that you do not want to exit. It was impossible to even get bored while waiting in line for a particular attraction because all of the numerous mechanized, very convincing and detailed dolls greeting you and talking to you. Also, there is a large number of actors and entertainers who constantly wander around the park and invite you to take a photo with them.




Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_2b
Good company guarantees great time!



Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_4
Christmas atmosphere

The Euro-mouses – mascots of the park, were present in every step of the way in many different forms and hardly anyone left the park without one pendant, pen, shirt, cap or any other souvenir with the Euro-mouse’s face on it. This little things will also remind us of the adventures in Europa-park. Crazy rides, exciting attractions and screeming, things that mark each park of this type, are neatly contrasted with Christmas songs and peaceful, happy holiday story between each attraction.

Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_6
Euro-maus likes to take photos

When we started our trip, each person got a paper on which we had to put our ideas and expectations we had of the Europa-park, and also the future Istrian amusement park. Before heading back home, we finished those papers adding all the new ideas we picked up at our adventure. With all the new impressions, ideas were now pouring like water. However, the variety of ideas was interconnected by several key observations about this park: it gives great attention to details – every little ambient element, situation or doll are carefully thought through; also, it is made sure that there are attractions available to all guest profiles; the importance of always giving your guest a chance for interaction was perfectly clear; and last but not least – they created an unforgettable and recognizable brand…



Which new ideas did we get? What will our future amusement park in Istria be like? Wich stories and legends will we guide you trough? No, these are the things we will not yet reveal. Following this blog, our events and experiences, you will discover the future Inspirit Fantasy Park – piece by piece…


Thanks to the help and support of the Croatian National Tourist Board, the University of Pula, the City of Pazin and the Municipality Vrsar we were able to organize this trip.


Europa-park_Istra Inspirit_7
The whole company in fron of our Istra Inspirit Fils bus


The study trip was organized due to the preparations for Inspirit Fantasy park – amusement theme park which will be built near Lindar (Pazin). This year The Ministry of Tourism approved funding forpreparing the documentation needed for applying this project on EU funds. Follow information about current activities of Inspirit Fantasy park project on this blog.