AIESEC in Inspirit – International cooperation

AIESEC in Inspirit – International cooperation


Second year in a row, Istra Inspirit guests are young people from AIESEC programe

Although we’re crazy, hard-working and excited because the season is starting, we try not to forget to write in order to always inform you of what is boiling in the Inspirit pot. We are very pleased to announce that this year we have wonderful young people from various parts of the world who will get to know Istria in the best way – conducting their practice in Istra Inspirit. Three young and aspiring citizens of the world joined us just as we enter the hottest part of the summer – Inspirit experiences! All this would not be possible without the group of wonderful young people, who use all their leisure and non-leisure time to create always interesting international connections, which lead young people to practice in Istria – AIESEC Pula! Thank you!


This year we have Demi Yu (USA, the only girl in the picture :), Yussef Mohammed Hamed (Egypt, the first from the left in the picture :) and Rahmi Gorkem Argun (Turkey, blissful in the middle :).


aiesec inspirit2 (The picture is not so great but it shows well their first day on the job:) )

Our young people are already showing to be successful and we wish them a pleasant cooperation with the rest of the Inspirit team and a pleasant summer in Istria !!!

AIESEC is the largest international student organization which operates in 125 countries and territories, and has more than 100 000 members. The vision of the organization is to achieve world peace and realize human potential through the development of new generations of young leaders. Development is achieved through programs of international volunteer and professional practice and work in the organization through various projects. An annual income of more than 5,000 professional and more than 22 000 voluntary practices around the world. The organization was officially founded in 1948, after World War II, to the personal development and individual experiences made intercultural understanding and tolerance. In Croatia since 1953 as part of AIESEC Yugoslavia and from 1 March 1992 AIESEC was recognized as an independent organization. The Republic of Croatia has actively working 5 local committees operating in Osijek, Varaždin, Zagreb, Split and Rijeka, and Croatia AIESEC has over 200 members and 600 alumni. 


Aaaaand while they are settling in Pula  trying to catch Inspirit rhythm, we want to remind everyone of the AIESEC youngsters who have already passed our ‘torture’ and survived one Inspirit summer! :) Rain, sun, sea, late-night working hours, a big busy and hard-working team, lots of laughter and jokes, lots of events, marked the lives of three young people last summer- Waldek, Lucie i Cinzia!

This is how they feel about their work in Istra Inspirit:

lucie inspirit

Lucie Bednaříková (Czech Republic)

”I am a student of mathematics from Czech Republic. I chose Croatia for my internship, because I traveled there quite often like a child and it´s really beautiful country with nice people. When I found that AIESEC offers internship in Istra Inspirit I wanted to join them, it looked like a good opportunity and it really was!  I am really glad that I joined Istra and I could learn how it goes there, it´s important experience for me. The work in the office was in the peaceful and friendly atmosphere, no stress for me – I love it! But the events with Istra Inspirit were really the best. I enjoyed each of them. I especially like working outside of the office, helping at the events or giving leaflets to people, because there I sometimes meet interesting people or people from my country.”



Waldek Pilarz (Poland)

”I am Waldek, 3rd year student at University of Economics in Cracow. Last summer I was looking for some internship. Friend of mine recommended me AISEC organization. After short review I decided to take a part in GlobalCitizen program. I have seen quite a lot offers, had a few interviews. Considering place, nature of the work and period, Croatia seemed to be the best option. In brief, project in which I was involved – Istra Insprit – dealt with cultural events around the Istra region. This job was a real experience. I saw how this organizing stuff looks from inside perspective. I have met a lot of people and I am stil in touch with some of them. I visited many places in this beautiful country in my freetime. I would summarize this adventure in short sentence: This internship gave me valuable record in CV and priceless memories.”


Cinzia Dente (Italia)

”For six weeks I had had the opportunity to join the team of Istra Inspirit. Before leaving barely I knew this association. I tried to search for information on the Internet, visit the official website creandomi only a vague idea of ​​what trattassero, but to be honest I was very confused and I did not understand what it occupied. Only with the beginning dell’intership I began to clear my head. This is because Istra inspirit is not something you can explain in words, you simply must try because it is pure experience. It allows you to travel through time, recreates atmosphere now lost. If I had to describe it in three words I would use certainly adventure, mystery and discovery. I am very grateful to the team for allowing me to participate in this great project that has enriched me in terms of personal and cultural. Working with them was not only constructive and very useful for my career, but also fun, because I had to deal with great people always available and solar despite their endless commitments. Although short, this experience will remain forever in my heart.”




More thean a year ago, an AIESEC organization was established in Pula. Its members invest their time, will and creativity and develop their potential through (for now) two succesful projects. AIESEC in Pula builds its way towards the goal of becoming the sixth local committee at the national level. This would not be possible without the role of young, motivated and capable members of this organization. The first project in which AIESEC Pula involved Association Istra Inspirit. Members of AIESEC Pula decided to leave their mark, bring closer young people from around the world and challenge them to be a part of this and take with them their knowledge and experience. The first collaboration took 6 weeks in the summer of 2014 and the mutual satisfaction was achieved. This year, Inspirit has the opportunity to host three more new AISEC memebers! 

Visit FACEBOOK PAGE AIESEC Pula and apply!!! Pick your place in the world!

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