Summer season kick-started in Dvigrad

Summer season kick-started in Dvigrad


As summer approaches, Istra Inspirit kick-started the new season with our show Morgan’s Treasure in Dvigrad. Morgan’s Treasure has always been an all-time-favorite to the tourists around the world for it’s international reputation that has been attracting audiences at all ages.


The main character, our Captain Henry Morgan, was acted by a young actor from Osijek Antonio Jakupčević. Throughout the whole show, he did an execellent job on playing the role of the fierce captain of the pirates. For one magical evening, life has been brought back to the abandoned, middle-age town of Dvigrad. With the actors, musicians, acrobats and even the fire-breathers, a joyful and lively atmosphere with music and dances was created within the walls of the castle.It’s really hard to express how wonderful the vibe was if you haven’t seen it yourself!

‘Aye Aye, father.

What? Who is there?

My name is Harri Morgan. Father, I seek a safe place for myself to hide.

Why do you need to hide?

I’m not sure that you, as man of faith would like to hear about the things that i’ve done.

Please, tell it to me, my child. The God is forgiving.

Yes, father, I’m sure, but already made reservations in Hell, along with the people that are searching for me.

Oh yes, I’m not alone here. I’m being followed.’

Morgan14 Morgan23

At the very beginning of the show, as we slowly walked down the rocky path to the castle,we were welcomed by two women infected with illness.They protraited the atmosphere of the town destroyed by the plague in the past perfectly. For the excellent make up, the credit goes our make-up artist Ivna Škoro. Then the storyline was surrounded by the dialogue between a friar, who is the  academic actor Denis Brižić and Captain Henry Morgan. With a melancholic tone, Captain morgan gave confession to the friar on his days with his pirates crew on finding the ‘lost treasure’, the treasure that can be found in each of us.


The whole story about Captain Morgan and his arrival to Dvigrad, where he hide the treasure, has gone to a new dimension when the pirates crew came to the castle with the music, mimics and the gesticulations. Watching the pirates singing songs, swallowing swords and blowing fire, the audiences enjoyed an authentic feast of the pirates in the sea.  For the creation of this unique experience, we have to thank Petra B. Blašković who was also acting in the performance. Beside already mentioned actors, there are also the excellent Dominik Karakašić, Šandor Slacki and Nenad Pavlović playing the roles of the pirates, musicians Nataša Dragun, Samanta Stell, Anka Kovač Augustiny and Sebastian Stell as well as Zoja Poropat and Jasna Petković in the roles of the plague patients.


The ones who give the additional value to the whole experience are the multitalented Miroslav and Sedina Cerovac and Kristijan Dellabernardina ‘Kolumbo’ as the fire breathers.The composers of the music are Bika Blasko and Ognjen Jovanović. Other supporting actors in the performance are Elena Orlić, Damir Benčić, Nikolina Baškarad, Danijel Zmaj Novoselac and Luka Kontošić. The costumes were designed by Kristina Nefat.

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

What will we do with a drunken sailor?

Early in the morning

Morgan6 Morgan7 Morgan8 Morgan10 Morgan11 Morgan12 Morgan13

Celebratingt he summer season with our show Morgan’s Treasure, we also hosted the famous world bloggers and journalists – Ashley Colburn(, Kiersten Rich LucorePerrie Laura Hartz (, and Sabrina & Guclu ( who are in Istria within the project Share Istria organized by the Istrian Tourist Board.

Morgan15 Morgan17 Morgan18 Morgan21 Morgan22 Morgan25 Morgan26

We would also like to give thanks to KUD Dvigrad, Municipality of Kanfanar, all our volunteers and students especially to Manuela B., Saša, Ivana, Ivan i Sanja but also to sponsors who support this project and AIESEC organization.

The next Morgan’s treasure is on schedule on August 18th:

Photos: Istra Inspirit.

Translation: Demi Yu (AIESEC)