Events for bussines groups


 What is the most important thing for you when organizing an event? 

Are you bored with the same locations you use for your events over and over? 

Have you already taken your bussines partners to a gala dinner in a restaurant everybody had been to before?

ŽDo you want to experience and provide for your colleagues, bussines partners and VIP guests a complitely new and different event?

Is it important for you to include elements of cultural and historical heritage and tradition together with typical and authentic food? 



Than you should choose Istra Inspirit! 
A wide pallete of experiences, stories, adventures, and all of that packed the way you imagine it!


Inspirit MICE Istra


Locations such as the medieval castel Morosini Grimani in Svetvinčenat can receive up to 300 people while giving a perfect scenario for an unforgetable experience in the style of living history. The old city of Buzet can receive up to 100 people and is presented as a perfect scene for an escape from the modern world into the traditional old Buzet where clothes were washed manually and bread was baked at home… Raša  offers the most exciting event for those brave among you who seek for adventure. With laughs and games people compete in different skills in the underground world… 50 people can enter the coal mine. In Poreč you can walk through the old city and see locations like Heritage museum of Poreč, experience a special baroque feeling and become a part of an interesting historical period, dance and get costumed…The gourmet part can be organized in Vila Polesini or similar. For all Roman history lovers we can organize something on the archeological site Vižula in Medulin with the most beautiful sunset in this part of Istria… Pazin can give you a unique experience of Juler Verne’s story Mathias Sandorf, the escape from the castle and trasport the guests to Austro-hungarian period while Rovinj can amuse you with a local fishermen’s stories and a batana boat ride while enjoying a bottle of wine and fish dinner


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Inspired by the numerous positive reactions to Istra Inspirit events, but also by direct inquiries for organizing tailor-made performances for exclusive business groups, our team started organizing special MICE events.

These exclusive performances are formed for business groups or any other closed groups of guests who wish to enjoy an Istra Inspirit experience with their business colleagues, partners or friends. Arrangements can be made to fit the group’s needs, wishes, number and interests perfectly . It is possible to organize these custom-made exclusive events all year round.

Also, all programs can be designed in Croatian, English, Italian, and if necessary, with translation into German or preparing a multilingual performance.


Choose your colours and contact us: info@istrainspirit.hr