InspiriTIĆ – a program for school and preschool children


Inspirit Ikone novo

Within InspiriTIĆ programs we offer the possibility of organizing individual Istra Inspirit performances suited to children of kindergarten and school age. The basic idea of this offer is empowering and encouraging local heritage oriented classes to be a part of childrens’ school program from an early age. In this way, they would be learning about the region in which they live and the specifics of its culture using very concrete and entertaining examples – myths, legends and local history. This funny performances include interactive workshops where children participate in every step, communicate with each other and with the animators, while developing social and communication skills. The aim is to get children interested in Istrian culture and heritage and to inspire their imagination and stimulate the desire to continue discovering the magic of Istria by themselves.

Currently we offer two programs that we believe may be a part of elementary school or preschool program, namely “Jules Verne Junior” and “Mythical creatures of Istria”. Programs are offered in two forms, first of which is a performance at the authentic location, Pula or Pazin, which may include visits to cultural institutions (museums) in these cities. Another option is to make the entire program in schools and kindergartens, during which we can customize it to fit the institution’s needs and possibilities..

Mythical creatures of Istria

This program for children, which takes place within the walls of the Venetian Fortress in Pula, presents performances of the ancient circus which was once the main entertainment for people on the street fairs, so-called vašari or merkati. Children from first to fifth grade of elementary schools are to be motivated with a competitive quiz where they can show the knowledge acquired during the theater show about geography, Croatian language and knowledge of the Istrian plants. The top class will receive a diploma as notable junior experts in Istrian mythology. Through a series of interactive skits, workshops and games with creatures from Istrian myths and legends, children learn about the history, legends and culture of their homeland. This funny interactive program is enriched by musicians, jugglers and clowns.

InspiriTIĆ 3
Our actors before the show: Sedina, Šandor and Miro



Jules Verne

This interactive workshop, that is originally held in the castle of Pazin, contains a multimedia performance featuring our little guests. Captain Nemo and other famous characters of Jules Verne’s novels are guiding children through a fantasy world. They have the possibility to learn why the famous novelist loved Pazin and which novel he wrote inspired by the old castle and the Pazin Pit. Children learn about Mathias Sandorf, his friends and rivals, judges and the silly cook Marie. With the cook, the children enter, taste and smell the world of Istrian delicacy. In addition, the workshop includes a game and after the children perform given tasks, the author’s impersonator will personally share certificates as praise for their work, effort and for their imagination. The show can be held in Pazin castle, during which we organize professional tour of the old city and the Ethnographic Museum of Pazin. This InspiriTIĆ event is an excellent opportunity to familiarize schoolchildren with an author whose works they read in the school and to learn more (and differently) about his career.


Inspiritić_Istra Inspirit_Jules Verne Junior Pazina
Our little guests on a photoshoot in front of the Pazin castle
Jules Verne Junior performance in Pazin kaštel

So far we have had several performances of Istria InspiriTIĆ. Students of the Šijana primary school enjoyed the interactive performance and workshop Jules Verne Junior, while on their fieldtrip in Pazin, where they also had the chance to visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Jules Verne room. In 2014 we have adapted the play Mythical creatures of Istria, the former regular Istra Inspirit performance, for our youngest guests. Already in May we held four workshops with the participation of 245 children. We participated in UNICEF’s project to help children in Africa with the elementary school Vidikovac from Pula and donated for this purpose. In addition to school Vidikovac, we have cooperated with elementary schools and kindergartens like Monte Zaro or Cvrčak from Pula.

We hereby thank all the schools and kindergartens that included our workshops and interactive performances thier curriculum in 2014: Elementary School Stoja (Pula), elementary school Veruda (Pula), elementary school Juraj Dobrila (Rovinj); Pula kindergartens: Ribice, Topolino, Veseljko, and Cvrčak.

Most of all we like to work with the youngest :)