New Year’s resolution of Istra Inspirit

New Year’s resolution of Istra Inspirit


Istra Inspirit Family

To all Inspirit fans and those who are about to become…

The forth anniversary od Istra Inspirit is approaching us! It is amazing how much has been imagined, created and realized in these last three years. Just this season we had nearly a hundred successful performances. This large figure testifies to the commitment of many colleagues, friends and volunteers, with whom we made Istra Inspirit stories to go on, expand through Istrian peninsula and leave their mark in the harts of many.

Every year must bring something new and we all like to make a list of resolutions, wishes and plans, and then give up on most on the first of January. We are proud to say that the last year’s Inspirit list of resolutions is all crossed out and our resoultions are completed. Our new 2015 list is already done and one of the resolutions is very important – to get closer to Istra Inspirit friends through a new channel – a blog!

Istra Inspirit blog is designed to complement our website, in a more relaxed and approachable spirit. Under the heading About us you will find information about or brand, events, special offers (which we expanded this year) and similar detailes that might interest you. Category Our stories will gather texts that will explore the Istrian (and other) history and heritage, and will outline the main motivation of our experiences. (Please not that you are always welcome to comment and suggest improvement of the aformentioned categories and content). Category Our experiences will be resereved for experiences and adventures that Inspirit provides through its events, but will also include a journey through the different worlds of imagination which we encounter while creating those events. In the category Get inspired! we will write on who or what inspires us every day to renew, write, create and revive indigenous history in an innovative form accesible to diverse audiences. Finnally, the category Our friends brings together themes about all those who in any way participated in the creation of our brand, experiences, manifestations, and all of those to whom we can thank entering the fourth year of our existence! In addition, you will be able to track mentioning Istra Inspirit in the media and enjoy the best photos of those who managed to catch the dynamic of Inspirit in their frame.

However, the most important role of this blog is to alow an entrance into the world behind the spotlight, behind the dresses and costumeds, theater and makeup. We opern all our doors to you, so you could relive our stories from another perpective – the persoective of our volunteers, organizers, actors and others. Enjoy!

Your Istra Inspirit family