Istria Inspirit mission

Istria Inspirit mission


Why do we care for an old castle and a story that is slowly fading from people’s memories


Istra Inspirit is a project whose purpose is to preserve and revive the tangible heritage of Istria through the staging of various myths and legends from the past of Istria. Of course, this is not just a project but an entire mission, which is designed to help people approache their local history in a new way, and created in the hearts of all the people who find it important to preserve the authenticity of Istria. All our experiences find their basis in real historical stories or legends and beliefs that are still alive in someone’s memories. Exploring and studying these stories and ‘digging’ through what is left, is a first step in creating an Inspirit experience.

On the other hand there is also the intangible heritage that helps us revive all these stories in the right locations – authentic places which generated these narratives in the first place. We are talking about cultural monuments, castles, old mines, and other locations that help placing our events in a meaningful whole. Legends, myths and historical narratives are interesanting because they give us an opportunity to stay in touch with our past. By staging them today, in the modern time, we create a link between the past and the present. At the same time, we educate people about some important events that have happened in this area and by doing so, help enriching local people’s cultural profile. A specific sinergy is achieved between tangible and intangible heritage and also between the actors and the place of staging. This sinergy helps us reach the audience’s heart. Our mission is to transmit and transfer this emotion, to live the emotion, BRING IT TO LIFE; revive the past, our heritage, our culture, preserve our oral tradition, show the real Istrian heritage to people and prove that we live on a really remarkable territory with rich history.

Inspirit events are interesting because of this authentic locations that perfectly fit the staged programme, and create a new kind of theatre, an innovative theatre which happens in natural environments and mixes different forms of artistic expresison in order to achieve – and this is the key part of the show – actual interaction with the audience.
Our mission is to preserve the intangible heritage, but also to remind people of the tangible heritage – we often pass by it, walk next to it, without even understanding the importance of these sites and localities. Transmitted orally, Intangible heritage is more sensitive and often gets forgotten, neglected. Therefore, we should revive it and carry it on. Inspirit events are a theatrical-gourmet spectacles that combine tangible and intagible heritage, connecting the tastes and smells, food and drink of the past times.

These events enrich us and also the tourists who come from all over the world and want to get to know our country. This is a way to connect them to the place they chose to visit, spent their holidays at, and get them interested to come back again and even spread this wonderful mission with their friends.
Istra Inspirit events will INSPIRE you, take you to some other period of time in history, maybe let you face the witches and warlocks, or bring out the romantic in you near the lighthouse of love, or maybe even make you sing during our pirate musical. In any case, each story will take you on a path of imagination, somewhere far away and you will realize that this project is alive only because people need to have their imagination awaken and their hearts touched.



daria zulim


Daria Zulim – with the Master in Croatian studies and project manager for EU project diploma approaching, this creative girl is a volunteer in Istra Inspirit team. This creative soul, positive thinker, outgoing, fun and honest person is also a dancer, model, lector and a member of the youth association sVhra.