About the brand

About the brand

The story of Istra Inspirit brand

The word “Inspirit” comes from the Latin word “inspirare”, which means to inspire, to excite. It is a term that represents something revived, or awakened after a long time.

While the idea of a project bound to enrich the cultural offer of Istrian peninsula was in its very beginnings, the question of the name and slogan emerged. Representing the basic ideas and goals to be achieved by such an innovation, which are staging of legends, tales and myths and reviving customs related to a specific location, to portray the best of Istria, “Istra Inspirit” phrase served as the perfect word blend.

The intention was to inspire travelers and residents to find themselves in this magical peninsula by reviving its past. Istria inspires travelers with its history and with a project inspired by the region’s heritage and its ghosts of the past (lat. Spirit). This is what is in the heart of Istra Inspirit.



The symbol of Istria – the goat, became a symbol of the project. But IstraInspirit’s goat is somewhat different – it actually tells the story of Istria. The goat standing upright in the human position, thus symbolizing the strength and pride that comes from the rich history and tradition of the peninsula.

It is a witness of time, a traveler, an adventurer and entertainer. Its head adorned with a crown symbolizes nobility and refers to Istria as a place of encounter and mixture of cultures and nationalities. Its colors are also associated with Istria – blue and green, like the sea and natural beauties.

This is how the brand was created and the story began to spread. Let us share this story with you …


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